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1910 – METAL DOG
1922 – WATER DOG
1934 – WOOD DOG
1946 – FIRE DOG
1958 – EARTH DOG
1970 – METAL DOG
1982 – WATER DOG
1994 – WOOD DOG
2006 – FIRE DOG

Loyal, holds very firm views and beliefs creature, full of anxiety, champion of good deeds and cause, honourable and fair with their dealings with friends and associates, hates injustice, unfit treatment, and cruelty to others, love to help the less unfortunate character.

The Dog never likes to beat around the bush and can be very direct and straight forwardly, speak frankly right to the point never a Hippocratic with others. Though born stubborn, they are prepared to listen to views or opinions of others before making any decisions fairly with their rightfulness discretion.

More than often, they will provide resourceful advice to the needy and will be the first to attend to other’s problems and to give their assistance promptly when they find something’s gone wrong. Strongly admired by others for their integrity and resolute manner and has a good judgement of character and form of accurate impression after interviewing, conversing or discussing shortly with people whom have dealings or business with them.

Being very intuitive, can be able to arrange or know when matters can be solved, things to be cleared out or how long work can be done in advance. Although they love to help others, practically not at all out socialiser despite their friendly and amicable nature would like to stay at fireplace or eat over a quiet meal with friends rather than blasting for publicity.

Telling exotic, hair rising, exciting, amusing stories is one of their past times and usually a good conversationalist and often a marvellous raconteur in their standard providing anecdotes to others. The Dog is quick-witted with an alert mind and always remains calm in bad situations or crisis and although having quite a bit of temper rarely keep their outburst for long.

Dog character is usually trustworthy and loyal, and if being let down, play out or feel rejected by some others they seldom forgive and forget easily. They love to be an experts or choosing specialised type of work or job rather than to dabble in variety or different professions and often does well in their career.

They are suitable to work as lawyers, doctors, medical assistance, social service, legal advisers and teachers. Literally to say that once motivated, Dogs are expected to be successful in their objectives but though they have a sense of purpose and if this is ever lacking they can quite often float through their life without much achievement.

Another nature and habit of The Dog is they tends to worry too much and view things or prospects rather pessimistically which in fact most of it are self make and are totally unnecessary and to be successful they must overcome by creating stronger willpower.

Materialistic wealth is not their aims in life; they only wish to have sufficient to spend on their luxury vacations and more than enough funds to fully support the family which will make them happy. If money is available, they also tends to be spendthrifts and does not really spend wisely or putting money to its best usage.

They are poor in speculating in stocks or investments and must have proper advice from financial specialist before committing into their long term investments. It will be comfortable enough to be in contact with this creature because of their easy going manner and they are rarely short of admirers or friends.

Even though their moods are changeable and of high standards, but one thing for sure they are very loyal and protect their partner always aiming to provide the best and most comfortable home for the family.

The Dog are compatible and gets extremely well suited with The Monkey, Horse, Tiger and Pig, and will be able to form a good and sound relationship with The Rat, Rabbit, Snake, Ox and another of its kind. Specially find The Dragon too flamboyant to its taste, the imaginative Goat is difficult to understand and the candid Rooster can highly irritate them at times.

Beauty is the word for the female Dog which they are renowned and have a very caring and warm nature for those they really understand but will be well guarded and secretive if people are unknown to them.

They are highly intelligent creatures and although having very calm and tranquil appearance usually often are extremely ambitious in their career. Love shopping for bargains at unique places and like outdoor games and sport. More than often they are impatient if things do not work out nicely for them which will literally take actions ruthlessly. The female Dog are also good, playful and devoted parents guarding children with their life.

Finally, The Dog can be successful if they can stop and cure their habit of over worrying of minors matters and to be pessimistically that things can work out patiently. Their good nature of helping others is an asset and should they have any problems can always easily get offered advice from friends or associates.

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